Crop Services

GPS Mapping


Our agronomists and staff use the most advanced agriculture software on the market to help growers extend their farming capabilities.  We are able to quickly and efficiently create field maps for growers using georeferenced imagery.  After creating boundary field maps, we have the capability to collect harvest, planting and soil sampling results to create customized planting and fertility recommendations and management zones.  Growers have the ability to sync this data to their own equipment or use our advanced fleet of variable-rate-capable custom application machinery.  We are dedicated to helping growers achieve their precision farming goals. 


Sirrus is an iPad app that our agronomists, custom applicators and crop scouts use in the field.  Sirrus is also available for growers to use so that they may collect and share information with their agronomist.  Sirrus and Summit sync seamlessly via ‘the cloud’ and allow growers and agronomists to share soil test results, variable-rate prescriptions, chemical application data and field scouting reports (to name a few).  Our crop scouts use Sirrus to create detailed field reports that include colour pictures and in-depth crop status descriptions.  These scouting reports are shared electronically with the grower and agronomist as soon as the scout leaves the field.  Our custom application team uses Sirrus to locate grower fields, load variable rate prescriptions and for customized soil sampling records -- an important tool for grid or zone soil sampling.

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Precision Agriculture

Our Precision Ag team has all the tools and technology available for you to help maximize your farm potential. The first steps of maximizing your farm potential is by measuring variability- this can be done using historical yield data, drone imagery, soil EC scanning or through intensive soil sampling. Once you have determined the extent of your field variability, we have the tools and software to help you manage it. Whether your goal is creating management zones for variable-rate fertilizer or lime, variable-rate N scripts, or variable-rate planting scripts, we can do it.

Soil Sampling

Clark Agri Service values the importance of making educated fertilizer recommendations based on soil texture, soil fertility, and crop requirements.  For best management opportunities, we recommend soil sampling fields a minimum of every three years. Our team is pleased to come to the field and take samples, analyze the results, and help growers create long-term fertilizer plans. We welcome opportunities to work with growers to create management zones within a field based on topography and yield performance.

Crop Check & Scouting Program

At Clark Agri Service, our goal is to help growers to achieve the best crop possible.  One way we can assist is by utilizing our industry leading Crop Check Program. Our team of knowledgeable and well trained scouts assist growers by walking fields of corn, wheat and soybeans during all the critical stages of development.  Our scouts are armed with the best technology and resources in the industry to make sure weeds, insects and diseases are promptly and properly identified.  Our scouts create detailed reports that are delivered via email or hardcopy to the grower as soon as they leave the field.  Growers can then discuss the best action plan with one of our skilled agronomists.

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Custom Application

Clark Agri Service field application equipment includes a variety of equipment for both dry and liquid fertilizer and crop protection applications.  Our trained team of custom operators work closely with our agronomists to ensure accurate and timely application of crop protection products for maximum yield potential.

Hagie STS 14:

New for 2018: Clark Agri Service has added a Hagie STS 14 sprayer to our fleet. It has Row Sense, 120’ booms with 72” of clearance, 60’ Y-Drops, and is Climate FieldView compatible. It also gives better coverage than aerial application. It also has adjustable pressure tires to reduce compaction.

Case Airflow:

Our Titan Series Airflows offer flexibility to apply granular materials, liquids or both.  The unit is equipped with good flotation tires to minimize compaction.

Y Drop Applicators:

New for 2015:   Clark Agri Service added a 360 Y-DROP™ which gives more control over when and where you apply nitrogen to your crops— now even up to tassel stage. And since corn uses 75 percent of nitrogen after the V10 stage, a late-season nitrogen application with precision placement can help improve yield in ways you haven’t been able to before.

With the 360 Y-DROP, you can now make a nitrogen management plan that includes both split and late season nitrogen applications.  The 360 Y-DROP helps you derive more out of your nitrogen investment by providing precision placement of nitrogen, within 2 to 3 inches of crop row, targeting nitrogen application directly at the stalk base, using stem water to move nitrogen into the soil and root zone, and applying without scoring the soil to reduce cracking.

John Deere R4038 Spinner Box:

The latest addition to our custom application fleet is a 2016 JD R4038 Spinner Box. The G4 spinner assembly broadcasts crop nutrients faster, wider and more evenly than before.  With a single pin configuration, material can be spread up to roughly 90 feet – far wider than most spinner box units.  Single and multi-applier setups allow nutrients to be spread at predetermined rates or variable rate applications to fit your operation’s needs.  For more details, ask your Clark Agri sales representative.

Patriot Sprayers:

Our Patriot sprayers deliver the right rate and droplet size not only across the entire boom, but also the entire field. A stable spray platform delivers product consistently across varied conditions. Skips and overlaps are minimized with automatic boom section control and guidance. This means optimized application rates in difficult field and weather conditions, plus maximum spraying speed. 

To maximize your crop’s yield potential, product needs to be applied at the right agronomic moment. The cab-forward, rear-engine Patriot sprayer design means even weight distribution across the machine, getting growers into the field earlier while causing less soil compaction and maximizing on tight operating windows.